Apple AirTag Case ~ Anchor

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The Raptic Anchor AirTag clip enhances the versatility of any AirTag. Featuring a protective silicone sleeve, a lightweight spring steel clip for a steadfast grip, and a smooth snag-free interior tab, Anchor responds quickly to changing tracking needs.

  • Works with Apple AirTag
  • Sturdy clip to attach to your most precious items
  • Soft silicone and strong polycarbonate blend
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

A convenient accessory that enhances the versatility of your AirTag by making it easy to transfer between different bags or gear, the Raptic Anchor AirTag clip is essential for discreet tracking in a variety of settings. Making the stock AirTag easier to handle and improving its durability, a flexible silicone sleeve securely encapsulates the AirTag and enhances its resistance to routine drops. A lightweight spring steel interior clip ensures a reliable grip while minimizing weight for use in active environments. The engineered design of Anchor features a smooth and rigid polycarbonate interior tab to allow snag-free attachment to different baggage or clothing fabrics, which also pairs with the flexible silicone sleeve to maintain a firm grip on a wide range of materials. The versatility of Anchor allows for convenient access when clipped to an external strap or pocket of a bag, or keeping it in place in an interior pocket so it doesn’t get lost among other items when more discreet use is required. Its simple and compact design blends with nearly any style, and is available in black or white for unobtrusive use almost anywhere.

  • Protective Silicone Sleeve: Flexible silicone outer sleeve retains AirTag securely and improves resistance to minor drops.
  • Spring Steel Interior Clip: Sturdy spring steel inner clip provides a secure grip and maintains overall light weight for active use.
  • Polycarbonate Interior Tab: Smooth, rigid inner tab allows snag-free attachment to straps or fabric and ensures a solid grip.
  • Compact Modern Design: Simple, efficient design is available in black or white for discreet use in a variety of environments. 
  • Versatile Tracking Accessory: Compact size and easy attachment offer versatility for tracking a variety of bags or equipment.

Soft & Flexible Grip

Flexible silicone sleeve holds AirTag securely and improves grip and durability for everyday use.

Sturdy Metal Clip

Spring steel interior clip provides a secure attachment to tracked items while maintaining light weight.

Smooth Sliding, Snag-Free

Smooth polycarbonate inner tab allows easy snag-free attachment to a variety of webbing or fabrics.

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