The ideal combination of slim elegance and durable protection, Raptic Earth offers stylish versatility to keep the latest smartphones safe during everything from capturing a night out to navigating a bike ride through the city. The low-profile design adds minimal bulk with smooth, subtle bolstering to give your phone a sleek understated look with a surprising level of rugged durability. The frosted TPU back protects against scratches while the slightly thickened corners of the TPU frame provide remarkable 10-foot military-grade drop protection that retains a smooth pocket-friendly ease of use. Made with a cradle-to-grave approach to sustainability, Raptic Earth is both a recyclable and a biodegradable phone case through the use of the innovative EcoElement™ material to minimize impact. Taking this approach even further, Raptic Earth is shipped in plastic-free, 100% biodegradable packaging, affording eco-conscious consumers a certified carbon-neutral option for protecting their phones.

  • Military-Grade Drop Protection: The TPU frame features thickened bolsters to provide 10-foot military-grade drop protection. 
  • Slim Pocket-Friendly Design: A smooth low-profile frame gives Raptic Earth a sleek look and pocket-friendly convenience.
  • Recyclable and Biodegradable: Made with EcoElement™, Raptic Earth is both recyclable and biodegradable.

  • Protected and Accessible Controls: Covered buttons and a large port allow easy use of controls while keeping them protected.