Raptic Titan XL Portable Power Station by X-Doria is a portable, rechargeable battery generator designed to provide long lasting power for all your devices when you need it, working, camping, and even during emergencies. Equipped with 500Wh of capacity, Titan XL keeps your gear going all day and beyond; recharging your phone up to 40 times, laptops up to 10 times, tablets 12 times and more. Use Titan XL 500W power station to power just about any portable electronics you use, like smartphones, tablets, laptops, digital cameras, even drones.Raptic Titan XL power station generator was built with your charging needs in mind, which is why we have multiple charging inputs and outputs, giving you plenty of options to power up everything that needs electricity to run. Choose from a 12V car port, a USB-C port, three USB-A ports, and an AC outlet.

  • Equipped with 500 watt-hours of capacity. Easily powers mobile devices, CPAPs, computers, and small appliances
  • Recharge your power station generator with USB-C or with the included wall adapter. Raptic Titan XL will charge for 10-12 hrs with the included adapter, 6-7 hours with USB-C and 6-7 hours for 100W solar