Built from strong tempered glass and an aluminum frame, the Raptic Titan 100 Solar Panel gives you 100 watts of power for outdoor adventures and unexpected power outages at home. The Titan 100 Solar Panel is designed to be rigid and strong yet easy to setup and move. The sturdy, integrated kickstand allows you to angle the solar panels for optimal sunlight exposure. Included is the black water resistant canvas carrying case with a secure strap for easy storage and portability. You can use the Titan 100 Solar Panel to charge the Raptic Titan in 4-6 hours or the Raptic Titan XL in 9-10 hours, depending on sunlight, or charge other devices using the DC connector cable located on the back.

  • Compatible with Raptic Titan & Titan XL Portable Power Station or other devices
  • Composed of tempered glass, aluminum frame, and rubberized corners for stability and protection
  • Includes DC Connector that plugs into any Raptic Titan Power Station or other battery devices