The Adventure Bundle includes the following products:


1 x Raptic Shield Pro Case for iPhone 13

Need a unique, durable, protective, and stylish phone case? Raptic Shield Pro has you covered. Shield Pro provides protection for your new phone and can withstand 13-foot drops on concrete. The machined metal frame design provides strength and superior protection without compromising aesthetics.

1 x Raptic Terrain Case for iPhone 13

Made in America? Check! 100% Biodegradable? Check! Raptic Terrain is an ideal case to protect your phone and protect your planet! Terrain exceeds Military Grade Drop Protection (MIL-STD 810G), plus it has the added benefit of being 100% made in America and 100% biodegradable.

1 x Raptic Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 13

Ultra-thin tempered glass at 0.33mm provides a clear thin protective layer with accurate touch sensing and no interference with selfie camera or any iPhone sensors.

1 x Raptic Tactical Wallet for Apple AirTags

Looking for a great wallet to bring with you on your next adventure? Raptic Tactical Wallet is the ultimate carry-along accessory for your valuables. It includes a stainless steel 9-function multi-tool and a dedicated AirTag cavity to allow easy tracking.

1 x Raptic Link + Lock for Apple AirTags

Securing your valuables and tracking has never been easier. The new Link+Lock is not your average carabiner, as it offers a customizable 3-digit combination lock and a durable design to protect from drops and bumps. It also includes a casing for an Apple AirTag that is extra security and cannot be removed without knowing the combination.

2 x Raptic Link for Apple AirTags

Want to track your essential items easily? With the Link, you can snap an Apple AirTag in and clip it to your valuables to ensure you can track and retrieve whenever needed, whether traveling or on your next hike. Two Raptic Link products included!


1 x Raptic Titan Air Portable Power Bank

Ensure you have long-lasting power for all your devices with the Titan Air. This portable power bank is designed to provide power you need, so you don’t need to take a break. Plus, it is compatible with AC outlets and USB-C ports and can charge multiple devices simultaneously, so you always have the power to conquer your next challenge.