Raptic's Rise Headphones Stand & Wireless Qi Charger is a work from home must have

Los Angeles, Calif. – (Feb 9. 21, 2020)  – Raptic, a leading manufacturer of slim protective cases, designs a work from home must-have, Raptic Rise Headphones Stand & Wireless Qi Charger.

When you’ve spent good money on premium headphones, you want to give them the showcase they deserve. Enter the Raptic Rise, Headphones Stand & Wireless Qi Charger. The base of the stand is a 12W wireless Qi charger for your smartphone, while the anodized aluminum stand perfectly displays your Apple AirPods Max, Beats, Bose, or any other high-end brand of over-the-ear headphones you use for your office setup. A USB-A port is designed into the base so you can simultaneously charge your wireless over-the-ear headphones with an added cable.

Raptic Rise Headphone Stand & Wireless Qi Charger ($69.99) features:

A solid aluminum headphone stand built to hold your Apple, Beats, Bose, Sony or any over-the-ear headphones

12W Qi wireless charging base, providing fast charging power for any wireless charging-compatible device

An additional USB-A port at the back of Raptic Rise, allowing wireless headphones to charge while resting on the stand simultaneously

Genuine machined aluminum alloy frame and a sleek black base padded with leather

A built-in cable management system, allowing for organization of any excess length of cable at the bottom of the unit’s base, keeping wires out of sight and out of mind. 

About Raptic:

Based in Santa Monica, California, Raptic designs products that deliver the maximum protection for devices, while maintaining a stylish & sleek exterior worthy of outfitting the hardware it accessorizes. We continue to push the boundaries of technology, manufacturing, materials and design to deliver industry-leading products that our customers are proud of owning. 

Our focused approach allows us to keep up with rapidly changing trends and respond with first-to-market stylish & protective products. Our focus, both as a brand and a team, is to provide functional solutions in a stylishly designed package to provide the best-in-class products consumers need and desire. Raptic design team believes and delivers on the idea that mobile accessories should look and feel as good as the products they protect.

Learn more about Raptic at www.rapticstrong.com


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