9to5mac - X-Doria launches iPhone 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X Defense cases w/ lifetime warranty

X-Doria is launching its new Defense Shield and Defense Lux lines for the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X, and it isn’t using the term ‘defense’ lightly. The Defense line exceeds Military Grade Drop Protection standards, surviving up to 10 ft drops (on concrete!), and the company is confident enough to offer a lifetime warranty on all Defense cases.

For the new iPhones, X-Doria has also made a number of enhancements to the best-selling lineup… 



First up is the company’s popular Defense Shield, which sports a polycarbonate, transparent back to showcase the phone itself, meaning Apple’s design will remain visible while maintaining maximum protection. This is coupled with an anodized aluminum frame for increased strength and a soft rubber interior lining to keep your device free of scratches when taking it in and out. And you’ll find a raised lip on the front that protects your screen from drops and surface scratches when resting or dropping face down. In other words, all of the benefits of a bumper but without exposing the back of your phone to scratches.

While the majority of the case is transparent, it’s available in Rose Gold, Red, Black or Iridscent for the aluminum frame to match and or accent the various iPhone color options. 



The Defense Lux model includes many of the protective features of the Defense Shield but also has a rear back panel that adds texture, style and comfort to a top-tier protective case. It’s available in Black Carbon Fiber, Black Leather, or Ballistic Nylon. The ballistic nylon feels almost armor-like to the touch, and the Carbon Fiber and other back panel options feel equally as high-quality. No stickers or cheap overlays here.


Sound good so far? Fans of X-Doria will be happy to learn that the cases have also been improved over previous generations. Previously, the popular Defense Shield and Lux came in a two-piece construction. The new collection is conveniently constructed as a one-piece, allowing you to effortlessly get your phone in and out when you want.

Also new is an updated sound channel that helps to amplify audio volume by redirecting it to the front of the phone rather than the bottom. The result is better audio, improving clarity on calls via speakerphone and overall better acoustics for music, games and listening to any other audio through the iPhones speakers. And it’s truly noticeable how great the sound is compared to the protective case competition that often blocks the iPhone’s speakers entirely making for muffled audio. 

All the new X-Doria cases are available to order today and shipping in time for the new iPhone 8 models later this month (and early next for iPhone X).


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