X-Doria’s New KidGPS Tracks Child’s Location to Provide Parents with Constant Peace of Mind

SANTA MONICA, CA – (Nov. 9, 2015) – X-Doria, makers of kid-friendly products such as the KidFit activity & sleep tracker and AutoCompass, makers of advanced cellular-based GPS tracking and monitoring systems, are excited to announce the new KidGPS location tracker. The user-friendly KidGPS is a palm-sized tracking device that can easily be tucked in a pocket or clipped on a backpack. Parents can quickly find their child’s location via the free KidGPS iOS and Android apps.

The KidGPS app also allows parents to set up “Zones,” based on common destinations for the child, and notifies the parent via push notification when the child arrives or leaves a Zone. For example, parents can be notified when a child is dropped off or picked up from school. KidGPS also features a handy “Help!” button that sends parents a notification that the child needs help, via SMS and push notification. The child’s current location is then easily located from the KidGPS app, ensuring parents can quickly locate their children.

Users can set up multiple mobile devices to receive KidGPS zone alerts allowing not only parents, but also, grandparents, babysitters or anyone else that takes care of the child, to track a child’s location.

KidGPS’s battery lasts the entire school week, up to 5 days, and can be easily recharged via the integrated micro-USB port. The app shows the battery strength remaining of every KidGPS being tracked. The included belt clip and lanyard let kids easily wear or attach KidGPS to backpacks, clothing, suitcases and more.

KidGPS is available now for $99.99, plus monitoring, at www.KidGPS.us. Monitoring plans are required and start for as little as $5.99 per month.

About X-Doria:

X-Doria is a leading maker of fashion-forward accessories for mobile lifestyles. From the beginning, a commitment to approachable fashion and customer-centric design has been the hallmarks of X-Doria products. Today, X-Doria continues to break new ground in fashion and design for mobile accessories. Products such as Scene Plus, Engage Folio, KidFit and now Defense Lux continue to lead the way in mobile accessories for a new generation of mobile consumers.

Learn more about X-Doria at www.x-doria.com.

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About AutoCompass:

AutoCompass is a leading maker of cellular-based GPS monitoring and tracking platforms. With a focus on ease-of-use, AutoCompass is moving the GPS tracking industry beyond simply providing a pin on a map, offering monitoring and security solutions for personal and commercial use.

Learn more about KidGPS at www.kidgps.us


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