- Widge for iPad 2 is the "Perfect Case for Kids"

"When you first look at the Widge, you’re not quite sure what to make of this squishy funky design, it looks bulky but feels light. So we put the Widge on our iPad 2 and put it to work over the last few weeks. The design is truly amazing! Compared to our ‘adult’ cover, it made it very light so it was easier to carry and hold. After seeing it in action with the kids we were much more confident in handing over the delicate iPad 2 for playtime. The handle on the back makes it easy for little and big hands to grasp. The stand angles are just right for movie viewing, playing games and coloring on the iPad. The iPad was even protected by a bump thanks to the Widge. We can definitely say that if you have a child who plays with your iPad or they have their own, this is a sound investment! Not only that it comes in a fun color! P.S. This mom keeps it on her iPad even when the kids aren’t around." via

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