X-Doria Announces Availability of Defense Screen Care System

Los Angeles, CA – February 13, 2012- X-Doria, leading maker of fashion-forward accessories for mobile lifestyles today announced the availability of Defense and Defense Pro Screen Protection for iPhone 4S/4, iPod touch and iPad 2.

"For most people, the worst part of installing screen protection is getting it on straight the first time," said Brian Harrington, Product Development Director, "With Defense and Defense Pro, we've solved this problem with our exclusive Defense alignment system."

Defense for iPhone 4S/4 ($14.99), iPod touch ($14.99), and iPad 2 ($19.99)

Installing screen protection can be frustrating. Defense is different. X-Doria set out to make the easiest to use, easiest to install, most frustration free screen protection available. The result is X-Doria's exclusive Defense alignment system which makes a perfect installation easy. Defense pairs an easy to use web app with a clever alignment grid printed on each piece of Defense screen protection. After installation, the grid peels away, leaving a flawless installation. The Defense alignment grid is viewable in iOS Safari and found at www.xdefen.se.

The Defense alignment system is available on Defense and Defense Pro by X-Doria.

Defense Pro for iPhone 4S/4 ($19.99), iPod touch ($19.99), and iPad 2 ($29.99)

Defense Pro by X-Doria pairs easy installation with Self-Healing Technology that keeps screen protection crystal clear, longer. Defense Pro comes with the Defense alignment system, providing the ease of installation included with standard Defense. Defense Pro also comes with a special coating of Self-Healing Technology that absorbs scratches and scrapes, then reforms to make them disappear. So not only is the screen protected from scratches, Defense Pro heals itself to stay clear and out of sight, invisibly protecting the screen from abuse.

More information on Defense and Defense Pro can be found at www.x-doria.com/collection/defense.

Defense and Defense Pro are available now for iPhone 4S/4, iPod touch, and iPad 2 at www.x-doria.com.

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