ubergizmo.com - CampFire: The Outdoor Case For Your iPad 2

If you’re planning to take your iPad 2 with you on your next trip to the wilderness, you better be prepared with some sort of protection for the tablet. Well, X-Doria seems to have the perfect solution in the form of the CampFire. Called a custom sleeping bag case for your iPad 2, it works as both a protector and a stand. However, if you decide not to use it outdoors, it will work fine on a bed, couch, on your lap and more.

The CampFire’s padded cushion allows you to rest the iPad on pretty much any surface imaginable and lets you angle it any way you like. When not in use, the cushion reverses to keep your iPad safe and sound. The CampFire also features access to all ports while in the case and doesn’t block the iPad 2′s rear camera, so you shouldn’t have any problems taking photographs either. via ubergizmo.com

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