- "X-Doria Dash Pro Samsung Galaxy S4 Case hands-on"

Samsung would argue that its Flip Cover is the ideal case solution for the Samsung Galaxy S4, but as we’ve seen, it doesn’t quite hit everything right on the mark. For starters, it’s a fingerprint magnet due to its shiny finish. And if that wasn’t enough, the flip cover itself wouldn’t necessarily stay shut when it’s closed – thus, it simply refused to stay shut. Well, it seems as though X-Doria fined tuned things with its offering in the Dash Pro Case for the Samsung Galaxy S4. via PhoneArena

Right away, there’s a luxurious aura around this case, seeing that it’s constructed out of this leather-like material, which happens to bring forth a cleaner finish with its texture. Better yet, there are magnets placed around the front cover so that it stays firmly closed. And of course, cutouts throughout the case allows us to easily access all of the smartphone’s ports and buttons – plus, the cutout for the earpiece is undoubtedly appreciated since it permits us to converse even when it’s closed.

However, if there’s one nagging issue that we have with the Dash Pro, it’s that when we open it to expose the handset, the front cover tends to be flimsy. So yeah, it feels rather awkward holding the Galaxy S4 naturally. Not done with its tricks just yet, the Dash Pro even doubles as a stand for the mighty device, as grooves in the inner portion of the cover allows us to prop it up for easier video watching. All told, its $29.99 price point isn’t too shabby – especially when Sammy’s own official flip cover sells for more.

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