- X-Doria Engage Form VR Samsung Galaxy S4 case hands-on

For the style conscious aficionados out there, most protective cases for the Samsung Galaxy S4 might look too boring to flaunt in public. Well, if you want something that’s sure to dazzle people near and far, you ought to check out the X-Doria Engage Form VR Samsung Galaxy S4 case. via PhoneArena

Right from the moment we snapped our Samsung Galaxy S4 into place, our eyes just kept on staring at the optical illusion happening in the rear. It’s rather interesting, seeing that the vector design of the case causes light to bounce in a way that it appears as though it’s shimmering. Essentially, the outcome we see with our own eyes is a 3D-like pattern that changes at different viewing angles. In actuality, though, the case has some cuts and grooves that allow the effect to happen profoundly.

Beyond the eye dazzling look of the case, we really like that its maintains the handset’s lovely slim profile, as it’s very form fitting. In addition, the soft touch matte finish of the X-Doria Engage Form VR case is very resilient when it comes to combating debris and smudges – thus, it’s able to keep a clean appearance at all times.

We’ve seen an assortment of Galaxy S4 cases, but this is the first time we’re seeing something that really dazzles us with its shape shifting design. For $29.99, you’re bound to get some question from random strangers regarding the case, since you know, it’s the case’s standout highlight.

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