- Run Out And Purchase X-Doria’s Dash Folio For The iPad mini

Along with doing a nice job protecting an iPad mini, the Dash Folio looks great.
I’ve been an iPad mini owner since release day late last year, and I’ve always been drawn to folio-type cases to protect the smaller tablet. While the form factor has never been my favorite to use with the full-sized iPad, it works much better with the iPad mini as the tablet feels much more like an actual book. And X-Doria’s Dash Folio does a great job of protecting Apple’s latest “blockbuster.” viaapp advice

Use And Feel

With the case, the tablet can be placed in a number of media viewing angles.
If you’ve seen any folio case, X-Doria’s take should be pretty familiar. The case protects the entire iPad mini with a a multi-layer, leather-like material. The actual tablet is placed in an integrated plastic cradle that does a nice job of holding the mini. Soft microfiber material protects the iPad mini’s screen when the case is closed. All of the tablets ports and buttons are still accessible.

And while the Dash Folio does a nice job of providing protection without adding a lot of bulk, the case also looks fantastic. Along with some subtle front accents, an integrated elastic band helps keep the case closed when needed. I’d have no problem using this case in pretty much any situation imaginable – all the way from a button-up boardroom meeting to a nice day at the local coffee shop.

The back of the front cover has a number of small indentions. Paired with a specific part of the tablet’s frame, users can place the tablet in a number of media viewing positions. It also collapses to provide a very strong and stable typing angle.

With integrated magnets in the front cover, users can also automatically turn the iPad mini on and off when opening or closing the tablet. Unlike some other folio covers I used, the magnets do a very nice job of activating this function.

Even though I’ve been trying the black version of the case, it also comes in a brown color. One word of warning, though. While the black version’s tray holding the iPad mini is a subtle cream color, the tray on the brown version is what could easily be described as a radioactive yellow that would definitely stand out in a crowd.

How Long Will It Last?
Even though the Dash Folio is just made of faux leather, the case feels great to hold in your hand. Not surprisingly, I’m a heavy user of my iPad mini, and the case looks as good as it did when I started using it more than a month ago.

If you’re looking for ultra-rugged protection, I’d look at something else like the OtterBox Defender. But for everyday use, this case is a great choice.

How Does It Stack Up?

The built-in hole for the back camera is another nice touch.
Comparatively, the Dash Folio does a great job stacking up against the competition. Most folio cases fall into two categories – expensive and made of high-quality material or flimsy and not designed to last. But the case does a great job of being inexpensive and well made. With the built-in camera hole, I can even recommend it over the recently reviewed BookBook from Twelve South.

What’s Hot
Protects the entire iPad mini without adding a huge amount of bulk or weight
Multiple position stand is great for watching a movie or typing.
Looks classy and could easily be carried in and out of the boardroom.
What’s Not
Bright yellow enclosure with brown version could be distracting.
Our Advice
It’s really hard to find something negative to say about the Dash Folio. It’s one of the best folio cases I’ve ever used for iPad mini, and its comparatively inexpensive cost makes it a great choice for almost everyone.

Aesthetic Appeal: ★★★★★
Wow Factor: ★★★★☆
Build Quality: ★★★★☆
Value: ★★★★★

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