- X-Doria Dash Pro and Dash Icon Case for Samsung Galaxy S4

The Samsung Galaxy S3 was the single most popular Android device in 2012. Selling millions of devices makes you popular, and that’s a great thing if you are interested in accessories. Accessory manufactures develop and release accessories for devices that will bring them a profit. So when the Samsung Galaxy S4 (SGS4) was announced everyone expected it too was going to be popular because the Galaxy brand is heavily marketed and is usually the highest selling Android device. I have been seeing many accessories marketed towards the SGS4 and a new brand that has come across my desk is X-Doria. X-Doria, mainly a case manufacturer for iOS devices, has recently entered the Android ecosystem by releasing some cases for the SGS4.We'll be looking at the X-Doria Dash Pro and Dash Icon cases for Samsung's latest flagship phone. via rootzwiki

This is the first time I have ever used an X-Doria case on any of my devices. They are testing the waters by offering three case series for the SGS4. I have for you the DASH ICON and the DASH PRO. They provide two different experiences as one is a snap on case and the other is a flip cover case. Let’s see if X-Doria has the chops to offer use quality accessories for our Android devices.

Dash Icon:

The Dash Icon is a hard shell polycarbonate snap-on case. We have seen these types of cases offered from many other manufactures. However, X-Doria differs by offering some fashion designs and color options. Any producer can do a simple snap-on case, so if you want to get my attention you need to do something different. X-Doria has caught my attention and they have done it with their use of fabrics, colors, and print designs. The Dash Icon case has a layer of fabric on the back to create unique designs like polka dots, tribal-style graphics, and birds. The slight thickness of the fabric raises tactile interest. It brings a unique experience to your case as it feels different and X-Doria is able to offer designs you don’t see every day.

The fabric has a nice texture to your palm that doubles great as grip. It also gets away from the plastic feel that the SGS line of phones is notorious for. I have the “Navy Dots” design option of the Dash Icon which is the red with navy blue polka dots. The polka dots are of a different material and look to be ironed on. I really like the way it looks but it seems with heavy long term use the polka dots may peel off. There is no definitive evidence or signs of peeling at the moment but I have my suspicions. The fabric material is red, looks great brand new, and is great for grip. My hands must get dirty because I have noticed that the fabric gets dirty. It is quite difficult to clean (as it is fabric) so applying the wrong cleaning product may damage the fabric. If you are a messy person beware of the fabric as it is prone to staining.

The cutouts for the physical buttons and ports are spot on. There are no obstructions for the camera, flash, volume rocker, and power button. As a snap on case the top and bottom of the case are open providing zero protection for your device. That is the nature of the beast when it comes to these type of cases. It does provide easy access to the microphone, headphone, and charging port.

If you are a fan of snap on cases but need it to look fresh then you need to check these out. The use of fabric is a nice change up of the stale solid color snap on cases. They provide four different designs but unfortunately they do not provide more color combinations. The Dash Icon retails for $29.99 through

Dash Pro:

The Dash Pro is a flip cover case that providing more features and “more” protection. Unlike the OEM flip covers, the X-Doria Dash Pro does not replace your battery cover but instead has you slide your phone into a pouch. It secures the phone into place to make sure that it does not slip out. The exterior of the Dash Pro is of a soft leather-like material that gives it a premium feel and look. The flip cover has a built-in magnet strong enough to not flip open up accidently. The flip cover is also a smart cover as it turns on and off your device when flipped accordingly. The flip cover can also be used as a stand which works great. Each viewing angle is useable and the notches are deep enough to hold the SGS4 firmly in place.

The inner portion of the Dash Pro consists of a cloth material that is soft to the touch. It's soft enough that it doesn't damage the screen or the device. However, it does attract dirt and will look dingy over time. Just like the Dash Icon fabric backing, this cloth material is difficult to clean. Like many flip covers this one is also weird to hold when using the SGS4. It actually feels you are holding on to the flip cover rather than the device when you flip the cover back.

The design of the pouch encasing the SGS4 has to be noted. For some reason large portions of the top, bottom and most notably the corners of the case are wide open. It is possibly to avoid tight fits but it is a big deal that they are open. This SGS4 was accidentally dropped while using the Dash Pro and it suffered cosmetic damage on the uncovered corner.

The cutouts for the camera and speaker are spot on. It is a bit awkward holding your device to take a picture as the flip doesn't have a cut out and you need access of the screen to take the picture. The volume rocker is only accessible when the flip cover is open. The cutout for the power button, charging, and headphone port are large enough for easy access. 

If you are a fan of flip covers but need more coverage than the average cover offers, the Dash Pro is right up your alley. It provides a layer of additional protection but it does have its vulnerabilities. It provides the same features you expect from the standard flip cover plus the ability to use as a stand. X-Doria offers the Dash Pro for $29.99 in several colors and two designs. via rootzwiki

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