X-Doria Defense Shield iPhone SE Case Review

By: Robyn
May 20, 2020 
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When you get a new phone, you want to make sure it stays new for as long as possible. One way to do that is to put a strong case on it. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve nearly dropped, or actually dropped my phone. One time, in particular, the phone slipped from my fingers and hit the hard tile floor below it. The power button was unceremoniously pressed into the case and the phone wouldn’t stop restarting. Ever since I’ve worked to make sure that a case was an essential part of my new phone’s “welcome kit” when it joins my household. One of my favorite case designers is X-Doria. Their Defense line of cases is exemplary in terms of style and protection for the iPhone. When the 2nd Generation iPhone SE was released last month I immediately thought of X-Doria Defense cases as a good companion to that phone.


The Defense Shield is a case that is designed to survive 10-foot drops on concrete. It exceeds the military standard (MIL-STD-810G) for drop tests and is wireless charging compatible. X-Doria offers a lifetime warranty on the Defense Cases. The case is made with a clear polycarbonate back panel and an anodized machined metal frame. The cases also feature a shock-absorbing rubber bumper with an acoustic channel that directs the speaker sound forward. The Defense series of cases from X-Doria comes in four different colors — Iridescent, Black, Red, and Rose Gold.


As it happens, I’ve had quite a bit of experience with the Defense Series cases from X-Doria. I’ve used them before with the iPhone XR, the iPhone XS Max, and even the iPhone 7 series phones. The Defense cases for the iPhone SE are the same size case that fits the iPhone 7 & 8. On X-Doria’s website, they are offered alongside each other. So, if you find yourself trying to find this case for your iPhone SE, look for the cases labeled “iPhone 8 & 7.” The iPhone SE directly replaces the iPhone 8 series of phones so it makes sense that the cases would fit this newer phone model.

When you open the box of the X-Doria Defense Cases you will notice that the front flap opens up to reveal a clear window. This window shows off the case inside the box. When you pull the case out you will notice that is it somewhat rigid around the borders with the exception of around the mute switch and volume buttons. That area is a little loose and that helps to be able to install the phone into the case. The cases are lightweight and don’t add a lot of bulk to the phone it’s protecting. Installation of the phone into the case is pretty easy, but the phone stays firmly in place. All the cutouts are in the right places and accessing the Lightning port on the bottom is no problem.


I’ve found that it’s really hard to go wrong with an X-Doria case on your phone. If you have acquired a new iPhone SE, then pair it with an X-Doria case to keep it well-protected and still stylish. The case holds up well against daily use and it provides an enjoyable user experience.