Top Galaxy S10+ Cases

It seems as though that premium smartphones continue to rise in price every time a new model is released and the Samsung Galaxy S10+ certainly is no exception.  Originally released on March 8, 2019, this device debuted with an original retail value of $999.  With a price point of almost $1,000, you definitely want to find the best case that will protect your phone and also give you additional features that suits your lifestyle.  It’s already been 3 months since the Galaxy S10+ has been released so there are definitely plenty of great cases to choose from.  It wasn’t easy but we were able to narrow it down to the top 10 cases that we found to be the best for your premium device.

OtterBox Defender Series

OtterBox has been around for many years now and is known for creating cases that maximize the protection of your devices.  They may not be the sexiest cases but they are very good for people who have a tendency to drop their phone or for those that live a more active lifestyle.  This multi-layered cased is made from materials Polycarbonate shell, Synthetic rubber slipcover, and Polycarbonate holster.  As an added bonus, the included holster doubles as a kickstand for hands-free viewing.

  • Price: $59.95
  • Rating: 4.2/5 (110 reviews)

Spigen Slim Armor CS

When trying to get the best protection for your phone, one of the drawbacks is that you often have to settle for a case that adds bulk.  Spigen attempts to minimize that bulk with the Slim Armor CS.  This case is dual-layered for extreme protection, is made from materials TPU and PC, and is also mil-grade certified with Air Cushion Technology.  With a design intent of making this pocket-friendly, the Slim Armor CS is slim and lightweight and has storage in the back for two cards and cash.  This case is also compatible with wireless charging but you will need to make sure to remove any cards in the storage unit when charging.  This case is available in three colors: gunmetal, black, and rose gold.

  • Price: $17.99
  • Rating: 4.2/5 (132 reviews)

Samsung LED Wallet Cover

If you’re looking for minimum protection and want a case to turn heads, the Samsung LED Wallet Cover might fit that bill.  Available in black, green, and white, this unique case shows you LED notification when the front cover is closed.  Some of these notifications include incoming calls, messages, current time, and more.  However, probably the best feature about this phone is that it allows you to answer calls even when the case is closed.  Lastly, it also comes with an integrated credit card slot.

  • Price: $64.99
  • Rating: 3.9/5 (17 reviews) 

OtterBox Strada Series

If you’re looking for a stylish genuine leather folio case, the OtterBox Strada might be the case you are looking for.  With this case, you don’t necessarily have to use glass protection but you certainly have that option if you choose to do so.  This case is the only leather smartphone case that is backed with OtterBox Certified Drop+ Protection.  It also features a vertical card slot on the inside of the front cover for a card or cash and it comes in two colors: espresso (dark brown) and shadow (black).

  • Price: $69.95
  • Rating: 4.2/5 (15 reviews)

Mous Limitless 2.0

The Mous Limitless 2.0 is a slim, sleek case that offers plenty of protection for your Samsung Galaxy S10+.  Each case is made from a mix of poly-carbonate and TPU and are lined with AiroShock to give it shockproof protection.  This case is also very slim and only adds 4.33 mm of thickness to the back of your phone.  The Limitless 2.0 is available in the following materials: aramid carbon fibre, walnut, black leather, and bamboo.

  • Price: $44.99
  • Review: 3.1/5 (8 reviews)

ZeroLemon Extended Battery Case

If you use your phone heavily and find that you are constantly running out of juice, then the ZeroLemon Extended Battery Case might be the one for you.  This case has a powerful 10000mAh Li-polymer extended battery that can provide 160% battery life to your Galaxy S10+.  The material that ZeroLemon uses to protect your phone is a soft TPU that covers the back and sides of your phone.  It should be more than suitable from scratches and daily wear and tear but probably wouldn’t offer as much protection if you drop your device.  It should also be noted that this case doesn’t support fast charging, NFC, and wireless charging.  Lastly, it is also not compatible with full edge screen protectors which could be a deal breaker for some.

  • Price: $59.99
  • Reviews: 4.3/5 (37 reviews)

UAG Monarch Series

The UAG Monarch Series is another great case if you are looking for maximum protection.  Available in three unique designs (black, crimson, and carbon fiber), this case meets double the Military Standard for drop and shock protection.  The Monarch Series are all handcrafted with 5 layers of protection.  It starts with UAG’s armor frame and shock-resistant core, then layered with top-grain leather, next a polycarbonate shear plate, an alloy metal hardware, and finally an impact-resistant rubber to wrap it all up.  Aside from the great protection that this case offers, it also features a design for the camera opening to provide a glare-free flash to help you take better photos.

  • Price: $55.95
  • Rating: 4.5/5 (171 reviews)

X-Doria Defense Shield

The X-Doria Defense Shield is technically a clear case but it does have 3 different color options for the bumpers.  The color options you can choose from are iridescent, red, and black.  Instead of using plastic, this case uses a heavy duty-machined aluminum bumper to protect the perimeter of your device and has a soft rubber inside to help guard against drops.  Speaking of drops, the Defense Shield has military-grade drop protection up to 10′ (3M) on concrete.  The back, on the other hand, is made from clear polycarbonate to protect your phone without covering it up.  Besides protecting your S10+, this case features an integrated sound channel which amplifies the bottom speaker and then redirects the sound to the front of the case for added sound experience.

  • Price: $29.95
  • Ratings: 4.4/5 (320 reviews)

Spigen Neo Hybrid

Year after year, Spigen continues to churn out the Neo Hybrid for new phones.  It is one of those beloved cases that people have a tendency to buy year after year as they continually upgrade their device.  It is a case that manages to balance protection with a slim modern design.  Made from TPU and PC, this dual layered design has a shock-absorbent interior with a rigid bumper frame.  The Neo Hybrid also has a raised bezel for enhanced protection and has been redesigned for a better grip.  This case is available in 4 different colors: midnight black, gunmetal, burgundy, and arctic silver.

  • Price: $13.99
  • Ratings: 4.2/5 (233 reviews)



Carved Wood Case

If you truly want to stand out from the crowd and want an original, then the Carved Wood cases is the way to go.  Each one is handcrafted by artisan carpenters so every case has their own distinct wood grain pattern.  The outer shell has a non-slip bumper made from rubber and can withstand 3 foot drops.  This is a lightweight and gorgeous case but keep in mind that it only offers minimal protection.  A screen glass cover is recommended for this device to maximize protection.

  • Price: $39.00
  • Ratings: 4.3/5 (102 reviews)