This massive portable power station lets you work from literally anywhere

By Stockcommerce
July 15, 2020
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All you newly-remote workers are probably getting pretty sick of those same four walls by now, eh? Fortunately, "remote" work can mean so much more than just sitting in your home. And we've got a game-changing gadget that allows you to get your work done from far beyond your couch: the Defense™ Titan Power Station.

This massive portable power station is great for working outdoors, on camping trips, at the beach, and so much more. It's loaded with charging inputs and outputs, including a 12V carport, a 60W USB-C port, three 2.4A USB-A ports, and an 250W AC outlet. Plus, it packs a whopping 62,200mAh battery. That means you can keep your iPhone, MacBook Pro, iPad, camera, and even drone charged up no matter where you are. 

For reference, the latest 16-inch MacBook Pro comes with a 100W USB-C adapter, so the Defense's 60W USB-C output should work just fine. It won't charge at record speed, but it'll keep the juices flowing so you can work for hours at a time.

When the Defense Titan's battery gets low, just plug it in like any other appliance via a wall outlet, USB-C, or even a solar panel. The digital display will show you how much power you have left at any given time.

Here's a glimpse at all it has to offer:

Its top handle makes it easy to carry along with you wherever your work takes you and since it doesn't emit any fumes, it's totally safe to use in your car, tent, or hotel room. It's no wonder why it has earned 4.8 out of 5 stars on Amazon.

The only thing you need now to make your digital nomad lifestyle official is an internet connection. If you have a smartphone, a hotspot should do just fine.

Get the Defense™ Titan Power Station on sale for $269.99 (regularly $299) for a limited time.