The Defense Titan is a beast of mobile power in a pinch, anywhere you are

By: TNW Deals
July 3, 2020
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TLDR: The Defense Titan Power Station brings 224 watt-hours of portable charging power indoors and out to virtually any device that needs some juice.

A simple backup power battery that you can slip into your back pocket or purse is a great solution when your phone runs out of juice. But what happens if your phone and tablet both need power? Or if your laptop needs a charge? Or what if you’re camping and need to power a lantern, your portable stove and a host of other devices?

You’re gonna need to come with a little more heat. The Defense Titan Power Station ($269.99, 10 percent off, from TNW Deals) is a compact, portable, simple answer to solving all your mobile power needs with one all-purpose device.

Convenient and weighing only 10 pounds, the Defense Titan offers a go-to charging solution in virtually any situation. Featuring a 12V carport, a USB-C port, three USB-A ports, and even an AC outlet, the Titan boasts 224 watt-hours of power, a veritable bottomless well of charging power, capable of charging mobile devices, CPAP, computers, GoPros or other cameras and small appliances easily. You can charge a laptop up to five times, a smartphone up to 20 or even run a mini fridge for up to 10 hours.

The easy-to-read digital display always lets you know how much power you have left, and the aluminum body, rubberized corner protection and durable leather strap make the Titan indispensable for any power need anywhere.

When the Titan runs out of juice, it’s simple to replenish the battery with either 8 hours of AC power or just five hours via USB or even with solar panel charging.

With that big battery capable of storing a charge up to six month, the Titan can live in your vehicle and always be ready, even in the event of an emergency. Or keep it in the house as a backup during any power outages. 

Retailing for $299.99, the Defense Titan Power Station brings the ultimate power-up peace of mind anywhere you go. Right now, you can save $30 off the price, cutting your total down to only $269.99 before this offer expires.

Prices are subject to change.

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