10 Best Samsung Galaxy S20 Cases for 2020

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Published on 03/02/2020
By Cory Gunther


These are the best Samsung Galaxy S20 cases worth buying right now to keep your fancy phone safe. With a bigger screen and curved glass on both the front and the back, a case is almost necessary to protect it from life’s daily hazards.

So, if you’re worried about scratching your expensive phone, and you should be, below is a list of the top Galaxy S20 cases we’ve found in several different styles. Whether you prefer thin cases, clear cases, a wallet case, or need rugged protection, we have you covered. Some even have built-in kickstands for hands-free Netflix sessions.

Have a case ready for the day your new phone arrives.

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1. Spigen Liquid Air Armor Case for the Galaxy S20 – $11

$11 at Amazon

My favorite case for any phone remains the Spigen Liquid Air Armor with its textured diamond pattern on the back. I’ll take this TPU case over a thin expensive Aramid “carbon fiber” case any day of the week. Spigen cases are thin, flexible, durable, protect the screen with raised edges and they’re affordable. Plus, they always have the easiest buttons to press, which is important.


2. Ringke Fusion X Case – $8

$8 at Amazon

Another solid option is the Ringke Fusion-X case. This fan-favorite comes with a rugged design you’ll either love or hate. Ringke uses a hard polycarbonate clear plastic for the main case frame, then covers the outer edges in a soft impact-resistant TPU material. This way the case is thin, lightweight, yet super tough and will protect your phone from life’s daily hazards.


3. UAG Plasma Rugged Case – $40

$40 at UAG

UAG cases also have a design you’ll love or hate, but it’s one of the thinnest yet most durable cases on our list, which is why it’s a little more expensive. Each UAG case has a soft featherlight and flexible impact-resistant core, plus textured traction grips on the sides for comfort. They use oversized buttons that are easy to press, too, which is nice. The honeycomb pattern gives you added grip, and those reinforced corners give it a 10-ft drop guarantee.


4. Smartish Galaxy S20 Wallet Case (Wallet Slayer) $20

$20 at Amazon

If you love the idea of a wallet case but hate all the “folio flip cases” get the Wallet Slayer. It’s perfect for someone that wants one less thing to worry about and carry. They use a dual-layer durable design and reinforced corners with air-gap technology to save the screen from drops or accidents. Then on the back, there’s a TPU frame capable of holding 2-3 credit/debit or ID cards, plus a little bit of cash. There’s even a slot on the side where you can use your ID as a kickstand, which is pretty ingenious.


5. Totallee Ultra-Thin Case – $35

$35 at Totallee

Totallee is one of the most popular brands when it comes to truly ultra-thin cases. If you want a case you’ll barely even notice is installed, they’re the one to consider. They don’t offer a ton of protection, but that’s all some people want.


6. X-Doria Defense Shield Case – $30

$30 at Amazon

If you’re looking for almost the complete opposite of the Totallee case and want something that’s super rugged, the Defense Shield series is always a great choice. Each X-Doria case meets MIL-STD-810G specs for a 10ft drop protection rating, and some people want that peace of mind when they spend $1000 on a phone. Plus, you’ll love the oversized buttons and the anodized aluminum outer frame.


7. Speck Presidio Grip Shell – $35

$35 at Speck

Another brand that needs no introduction is Speck, who makes some of the best cases around. Each Speck case uses a popular dual-layer design with a soft TPU inner core and a hard polycarbonate outside shell. Then, slits in the frame allow that soft TPU to squeeze through and give you a better grip on this big slippery phone. That design gives it a 13-ft drop protection rating, too.


8. Mous Aramid Fibre Case – $50

$50 at Mous

Mous is a relatively new brand that makes some truly high-quality cases for several phones. And while they’re expensive, they use excellent materials to keep your phone stylish and safe. Whether that’s a thin aramid fiber Galaxy S20 case, real wood cases or something else. Everything they make is thin, durable, and nice.


9. Spigen Neo Hybrid Case – $15

$15 at Amazon

Spigen makes cases in several different styles and we love all of them. However, a fan-favorite is the original Spigen Neo Hybrid, and it’s back for the Galaxy S20. It has a durable shock-absorbing TPU material that’s tough and lightweight, along with an extra layer of durability thanks to the polycarbonate plastic bumper that wraps around the sides and back. This comes in several colors, including the brush gunmetal finish as shown above.


10. Caseology Parallax Rugged – $14

$14 at Amazon

Last but not least, for now, is the popular Caseology Parallax. If you’ve owned Spigen cases for years and want to try something else, the Parallax is pretty neat with the wavy pattern on the back. The textured 3D design provides a much better grip and each case has raised bezels for screen protection. This case comes in a few fun colors and is another option we can comfortably recommend.

Then, stay tuned as we’ll update this list once the phone gets released and more brands offer cases. Additionally, don’t forget to grab a Galaxy S20 screen protector.


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