AirPods Max resting in Raptic Base Stand
Base Stand without any headphones inside
Raptic basestand without any headphones inside
Close up of cable management system, how cord is pulled through bottom
hand holding AirPods Max Heaphones lowering into Raptic Base Stand on a desk
Office desk with computer, mouse, keyboard, and AirPods Max headphones inside Raptic Basestand

AirPods Max - BASE STAND

Regular price $29.99

Base Stand is the perfect place to store your AirPods Max when not in use. Machined from solid metal, with a rubberized interior, and a weighted base. Base Stand is a refined addition to any desk. An innovative cable management solution pulls excess cable back through the stand for easy charging while storing your AirPods Max.

  • Crafted from solid metal
  • Cable management system to easily charge your AirPods Max
  • Silicone weight helps retracting cable inside automatically

Let your AirPods Max stand-out while keeping your space organized with the easy-to-use Base Stand, the perfect place to store and charge your headphones when not in use. This weighted base is made of machined metal for a sturdy exterior, and a soft rubber-coated inner lining to protect your AirPods Max from bumps and scratches. An innovative charging cable management solution pulls excess cable down, away and tight so that nothing stands in your way, keeping your space neat and your AirPods Max fully charged. *

*Charging cable and power adapter not included.

  • Designed for Apple AirPods Max
  • Cable management solution pulls excess cable away
  • Soft rubberized interior protects from scratches
  • Solid machined metal exterior
  • Weighed base prevents slipping
  • Easily placed on a desk or flat surface

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