4 Link shown together with AirTags inside the Link Case
Close up detail of one Link Case with AirTag inside
Close up detail of one Link Case with AirTag partially outside showing how to insert or remove AirTag
Backside of the Raptic Link without the carabiner, showing Raptic Logo.
Raptic Link with AirTag inside of the case, with Carabiner attached
Side view of the Link Case showing how thin it is
Raptic Link AirTag Case with Air tags keychain laying on a table with a book
raptic link airtag keychain clipped onto a black backpack

Apple AirTag Case - LINK (4 Pack)

Regular price $59.99

This 4 pack of our classic Link takes the lost out of lost-and-found with its minimal way of adding AirTags to track your essential items. This 4 pack is perfect if you're looking to attach all your AirTags with our secure solution

  • Machined aluminum composition protects your AirTag from bumps and scratches.
  • Soft silicone rubber interior design holds the AirTag firmly in place.
  • Secure your AirTag with easy snap-into-place design.
  • Attached black carabiner quickly hooks onto a variety of items.
  • Contains 4 Links

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